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  • Being realistic about coal mine rehabilitation in ...

    Dec 23, 2020· Once covered in vast tropical forests, East Kalimantan, in the Indonesian half of Borneo Island, is today the most intensively mined province in Indonesia. Surface mining for coal has left behind vast expanses of barren land across the province. Under Indonesian law, mining companies are responsible for rehabilitating their mining

  • BankTrack Kaltim Prima Coal mine

    PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC), located in the province of East Kalimantan, is the biggest coal mine in Indonesia. The KPC project produces around 50 million tonnes a year, making it one of the worlds largest coal mines. The KPC concession areas cover a

  • Coal in Indonesia company list

    , Antang road Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan. PT Surya Anugerah Gemilang is consultant and supplier partner for Indonesia mining investment. Job focus help buyer or investor finding the cargo mine at coal, iron ore, nickel, manganese, galena, sand, zircon sand. Work in

  • KALIMANTAN COAL | Coal News, Indonesian Coal, Kalimantan ...

    VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA(Marketwire Jan. 26, 2009) East Asia Minerals Corporation (TSX VENTURE:EAS) believes that the changes proposed under the New Indonesian Mineral and Coal Mining Law (New Mining Law) are largely positive for the Company and considers that the New Mining Law of Indonesia is a globally competitive framework within which to operate.

  • Coal giant Bumi secures 10-year extension at S. Kalimantan ...

    Nov 06, 2020· PT Bumi Resources, Indonesias top coal miner by output, has been saved by the bell as its subsidiary has secured a 10-year permit extension over a concession in South Kalimantan.

  • Samarindas deadly mining pits - Inside Indonesia

    Jun 21, 2016· As a result, mining has exploded across Indonesia. In East Kalimantan alone, nearly 50 per cent of the province is now covered in coal mining permits, threatening agricultural land and conservation areas. New powers for allowing district governments to issue permits did not, however, correspond with an increase in budget or capacity for local ...

  • Indexim Coalindo coal mine - Global Energy Monitor

    Apr 30, 2021· The Indexim Coalindo coal mine is an openpit mine, operated by PT Indexim Coalindo with a capacity of 9.17 million tonnes-per-annum (MTPA) in Sangkulirang, Kutai Timur, East Kalimantan Indonesia.. The company has proposed to expand the mine to 13.8 million tonnes-per-annum.

  • Balikpapan Coal Terminal - Bayan

    Balikpapan Coal Terminal (BCT) The BCT is owned and operated by the Bayan Group and is located near Balikpapan, East Kalimantan with approximate coordinates 01º 12 0.00 S 116º 46 60.0 E. It is one of the largest coal terminal in Indonesia and is strategically located in the heart of Indonesias coal

  • Sebuku Coal Mine, Kalimantan Indonesia - Mining Technology ...

    The Sebuku coal mine is an open cut truck and shovel coal-mining operation located on the tiny and remote island of Sebuku, in the province of South Kalimantan, Indonesia. It is owned and operated by the Straits Resources Singapore-listed subsidiary Straits Asia

  • Coal Mine | Thiess Mining Projects | Thiess

    In October 2008, Thiess Indonesia secured a eight-year contract for the development and operation of a greenfield coal mine located near Melak in East Kalimantan and owned by the Bayan Group. The Melak mine is divided into two different mine concessions, Teguh

  • MINESCAPES - The adventures of a mining photographer in ...

    Apr 10, 2018· Indonesia ranks among the top producers and exporters of coal. Over 80% of Indonesias coal is mined in Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of the island of Borneo. Most of the mines are inland, thus necessitating the coal to be transported from the mines to ports and in many cases to off-shore loading places.

  • Political Corruption in Indonesias Coal Mining Sector

    in Indonesia East Kalimantan is the heartland of Indonesias coal industry, and is pockmarked with abandoned coal mines. Under Indonesian law, these pits should be restored and replanted once they are no longer in use. But they are not. Companies routinely flout these regulations, acting with impunity because of deep

  • Coal Mining & Trading Company - TMR Coal Indonesia

    Tawabu Mineral Resource (TMR) is a coal mining company, operated in East Kalimantan, which is a half Indonesias coal reserves located in this province. TMR was established in 2007, yet was started to operate in 2017 and first shipment in 2020.

  • KALIMANTAN COAL | Coal News, Indonesian Coal, Kalimantan ...

    Feb 02, 2015· Kalimantan Coal. Rahul Wadke . Mumbai, Feb. 11 Tata Power Company Ltd, which holds 30 per cent stake in a group of coal mines in Indonesia, is now scouting for other sources to import about seven million tonnes of coal for its proposed power plants.

  • (PDF) Coal quality characterization in East Kalimantan ...

    May 14, 2020· Indonesia has had a long history of coal production, mainly in Sumatra and Kalimantan, but only in the last two decades have government and commercial forces resulted in a remarkable coal

  • Jhonlin Group | TEMPAYAN EMAS HITAM - Coal

    Jhonlin Group. Jhonlin Group is the largest coal mine and contractor Indonesia these days. Operating predominantly from South Kalimantan, Jhonlin group transformed from local coal mine player to the major player in coal industry in Indonesia.Jhonlin group was founded in around 2005 with their first formed company PT Jhonlin Baratama.

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    Coal Mining In Indonesia In Kalimantan & New Projects: Pt Kaltim Prima Coal More Than Mining. kalimantan timur indonesia phone: 549 1155 fax: 549 1701 email: infokpc .id. marketing and product inquiries phone: 549 fax: 549 email: marketingkpc .idhidayah as a major energy and power of natural resources in south kalimantan indonesia. product service description: coal mining with binuang ...

  • Indonesian police may probe coal miners over deforestation ...

    Feb 18, 2021· PT Arutmin Indonesia, a subsidiary of Indonesias top coal miner by output, PT Bumi Resources, is another mining giant operating in South Kalimantan that has received the PROPER award.

  • Coal | MMS Group Indonesia

    MINING. To strengthen our position as a reliable coal supplier in indonesia, we acquire or jointly operate coal mines in South Kalimantan and East Kalimantan. TRADING. PT. Mitra Maju Sukses was started in 2006 as a coal trading company, supplying coal to local industries such as sugar refinery and textile. We steadily grow our business from ...

  • PT Kaltim Prima Coal More Than Mining

    M1 Building Mine Site Sangatta, Kutai Timur Kalimantan Timur Indonesia Phone: +62 549 52 1155 Fax: +62 549 52 1701 Email: [email protected] .id. Marketing And Product Inquiries Phone: +62 549 52 1216/1217 Fax: +62 549 52 1780/1914 Email: [email protected] .id

  • Luhut admits owning 6,000-ha coal mine in East Kalimantan ...

    Feb 27, 2019· A report by a coalition of environmental NGOs, including Greenpeace Indonesia and the Mining Advocacy Network (JATAM), previously revealed that some coal companies in East Kalimantan

  • Kalimantan Mining

    Out of 1,860 Clear and Clean coal miners around Indonesia, about 1,349 coal miners are operating out of Kalimantan island and around 810 miners from from East Kalimantan. ET Online Recommendation System and Approval of Mining Products Export According to website of ministry of energy and mineral resources of Republic of Indonesia, the ...

  • 2018 Indonesian Mining Areas Map - PwC

    Indonesian Mining Areas Map Last updated March 2018 0 200 400 600 800 ... 6 Allied Indo Coal Jaya (B2) Berau Prima Coal Indonesia 7 Amarta Teknik Indonesia (E2) 8 Anjas Anita Jaya (E2) ... Kalimantan Persada Coal Kalimantan Sejahtera Mandiri Kaltim Batu Hitam

  • Indonesia: Coal Giant Bumi Secures 10-Year Extension at S ...

    Indonesia: Coal Giant Bumi Secures 10-Year Extension at S. Kalimantan Mines Dec 2, 2020 | World News On November 2, PT Arutmin Indonesia (Arutmin), a subsidiary of PT BUMI Resources Tbk, secured a 10-year permit extension over a concession in South Kalimantan from the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry of the Republic of Indonesia.

  • Independent Geologists Report on Coal Projects in Central ...

    Coking coal deposits are known to occur within parts of the Northern Barito Basin in Central Kalimantan. In particular the PT BBM and PT BBP coal projects

  • KALIMANTAN COAL | Coal News, Indonesian Coal, Kalimantan ...

    * INDONESIA BITUMINOUS COAL. Indonesian bituminous coal of 6,300 kcal/kg air-dried basis (ADB) was offered at between $71-$76 a tonne, FOB mother vessels from mines in South Kalimantan, Indonesian traders said. Bituminous coal of 5,800 kcal/kg ADB, was offered at between $53-$61 a tonne, FOB mother vessels, from mines in South Kalimantan.

  • Indonesian Mining License Concession Maps

    Sample Mining Concession Reference Book: Forest Moratorium or Topographic Full Province Coal and Mineral Reference Books Click on the province below to purchase ($2,500 / Rp.30.000.000), or contact:

  • Coal in Indonesia company list

    Closed already for coal concession.5,600 hectares concession at South Kalimantan, Indonesia. Estimated reserves are 24 million MT with stripping ratio between 1:2 and 1:5. Seam prospect average is 15 meters. Coal specs:TM : 4,2 - 6,1 % arIM 4,0 5,2 adbAsh: 11 ...

  • Grim toll from Indonesias abandoned mines may get even ...

    Feb 16, 2021· Jatam legal researcher Muhammad Jamil singled out Samarinda, the provincial capital of East Kalimantan, as one of the deadliest regions in Indonesia for people living around coal mines.

  • Bontang Coal Terminal - Global Energy Monitor

    Apr 30, 2021· The Bontang Coal Terminal is located in the operational area of Indonesia's Indominco Mandiri coal mine, which is located in East Kalimantan province.The port is used for stockpiling, blending and coal loading. In 2009, PT Indo Tambangraya Megah Tbk increased the terminal's loading capacity from 12.5 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) to 18.5 mtpa. ...

  • Agritrade Resources Limited

    Agritrade Resources owns and operates mines co-located in South Kalimantan, Indonesia, totalling 3,663 hectare under Merge Mining Holding Limited (Merge Mining). Our niche expertise in successfully operating this large-scale underground mining project, has enabled us to be at the forefront of the coal industry in Indonesia.

  • MINESCAPES - The adventures of a mining photographer in ...

    Apr 10, 2018· Indonesia ranks among the top producers and exporters of coal. Over 80% of Indonesias coal is mined in Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of the island of Borneo. Most of the mines are inland, thus necessitating the coal to be transported from the mines to ports and in many cases to off-shore loading places.

  • Adanis coal mine in North Kalimantan devastates the local ...

    Feb 04, 2020· Adani is one of those exporters, with a large coal mine on the small island of Bunyu in the province of North Kalimantan. In early 2019, an Indonesian non-government organisation called JATAM published a report describing the impacts of mining on small islands along the 5000-km archipelago of Indonesia.

  • Indonesia and coal - Global Energy Monitor

    Peabody buys coal from Indonesian mines. In December 2010, coal producer Peabody Energy signed a deal to receive coal from PT Supra Bara Energi (SBE) in Indonesia. The coal from SBE's mine in East Kalimantan will be exported to customers located in the Asian Pacific Rim through Peabody's COALTRADE international Singapore trading hub.

  • Homepage | Arutmin

    PT Arutmin Indonesia is a coal mining company operating based on Izin Usaha Pertambangan Khusus (IUPK).. Operating for more than three decades, Arutmin has become a preferred coal provider for power plants and industrial plants in Indonesia and the worldwide market.

  • Independent Geologists Report on Coal Projects in Central ...

    to provide an Independent Geologists Report on a number of coal projects on the island of Kalimantan, Indonesia. These coal projects proposed are to be acquired via a private Australian company (Jack Doolan Capital Pty Ltd or JDC) which, in turn, has entered into contractual arrangements to acquire them from the current owners.

  • Welcome To Indonesia Coal's Final Frontier - The Wire ...

    Mar 21, 2021· Activity at a coal mine in South Kalimantan, Indonesia. Photo: Dominik Vanyi/Unsplash. In a little more than 20 years, Indonesia has gone from being a minor player in the global coal industry to playing a central role as a key consumer and producer of coal.

  • A new frontier: Coal in Indonesian Borneo The Borneo Project

    Apr 07, 2012· The first coal mine in Kalimantan was established in 1882, near the Mahakam River, and was called Loa Kulu. The same year, oil was found. Since then, there has been hardly any turning back.

  • STC | Sebuku Coal Group

    SEBUKU COAL GROUP has, since 2010, successfully carried out coal mining in 2020 with a total coal production of 1.6 million Mt, and continues supply of coal to various well renowned end users and clients, both in Indonesia and abroad.. We enjoy a strategic position with respect to production, marketing and distribution arrangements. We have forged strong alliances / relationships with major ...

  • Bengalon coal mine - Global Energy Monitor

    The Bengalon coal mine is an opencast mine, operated by Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC), a majority owned subsidiary of Bumi Resources, in East Kalimantan, Indonesia.. The mine adjoins the Sangatta coal mine, and together they have a capacity of 60.93 million tonnes per annum.